by Polish Center for Accreditation, a signatory to EA MLA and ILAC MRA that include recognition of calibration certificates. Laboratory meet the requirements of the standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005


Accreditation No AP 021


Our services are performed by
Accredited Calibrating Labora-
tory, fulfilling the requirements
of standard PN-EN ISO/EC





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For all measurement instruments listed below we issue the calibration certificates, including Polish Accreditation Centre symbols as the signer of EA MLA and ILAC MRA agreements, referring to mutual recognition of calibrating certificates.

in range of pH measurements:

•    pH-meters and pH-meter electrodes
•    Conductometers and conductometric sensors

pH-meters are milivoltmeters of direct current with high input resistance, calibrated in pH units or pH and mV.
Conductometers are devices used for measurement of electrolytes specific electric conductivity.

pH-meter or conductometer calibration consists in testing the instrument operation correctness, including determination of relation between reference standard and tested instrument indications, in order to check the indications error and uncertainty in the measurement range of calibrated pH-meter or conductometer.

pH-metering electrode calibration is performed in order to determine the characteristics slope, efficiency and zero point value, as well as the uncertainty of those parameters.
Conductometric sensor calibration is performed in order to determine its constant value and uncertainty.

in range of kinematic viscosity measurements:

•    glass capillary viscometers:

Glass capillary viscometers are instruments used for Newtonian fluids viscosity measurements. Our laboratory calibrates glass capillary viscometers of Ubbelohd, Pinkiewicz and U-tube types. Viscometer calibration is aimed for determining the viscometer capillary tube constant value.








in range of density measurements:

•    glass and metal pycnometers (density bottles)

Pycnometer is a vessel designed for liquid density measurement. Depending on design and material, pycnometers are divided into glass and metal ones. Pycnometer calibration is aimed for determining empty pycnometer weight and volume.









in range of temperature measurements:

glass liquid thermometers for temperature range:
(-40 ÷ 125)ºC

electric (electronic) thermometers for temperature range: (-40 ÷ 125)ºC





in range of breath analysis:

calibration of breath analysers and sobriety testers
•    Control and calibration of various types of breath analysers, used for detecting alcohol in exhaled air